Sights and Activities

Places to Visit

Jersey is a fascinating island with so many things to do and see and we could not possibly tell you about all of them so Jersey Camper Hire will recommend the ones we feel are too good to miss out.


Durrell Conservation Trust is a world famous charity based organisation. The main centre here in Jersey is a fantastic day out, and you will need the whole day to see everything it has to offer. This is no ordinary zoo, they work in many different countries to protect some of the world’s most endangered species, and Jersey Camper Hire strongly recommends Durrell as a must in any holiday schedule. For more information visit:

aMazin Maze

The Amazing Maze is a great day out if you are here with your children, they have loads of different activities to enjoy a 25 foot high toboggan run, goldmine, three go-kart tracks and Crazy Golf are some of the most popular activities. All activities are included in the price of your entrance fee. Next door there is also the Jersey Falconry which is great for older kids and adults, they do shows at different points in the day where you can see the birds of prey flying outside and doing tricks. Visit


Surfing – Why not learn to surf while you are here?!! Laneez Surf School offers equipment hire and surf lessons both at reasonable rates. 

Kayaking – Discover our hidden island by sit-on-top sea kayak. Sea kayaking is a great way to explore the coastline of Jersey. Observe wild life, explore hidden bays and caves. Novices are welcome. All equipment is supplied including wetsuits. Paddle with experienced instructors. Tours operate from venues island wide.

Walking – Take a walk on the seabed. Jersey has one of the biggest tidal ranges in the world ( up to 12.5m) so do not leave your car parked on slips around the island! Jersey Walk Adventures operate guided walks on the sea bed to Seymour and Icho towers over 1 mile offshore. Learn about the history and marine life of the area with experienced local guides. For safety we recommend you always go with a guide visit 

Fishing – If fishing is your thing there are plenty of opportunities to fish in the island there are several good costal spots for catching the likes of bass, mackerel, smooth hound, and many more. Picture this, rod caught mackerel seared and wood smoked over the Oz Pig outdoor stove and caught by you. If you need any fishing supplies, tackle or bait etc I recommend Mr Fish on Le Grande Route de St Aubin, Mick the owner will be able to give you sound advice on which bait and spots are good at the time. Visit

Diving – Jersey is one of the southerly most points of the United Kingdom so the variety of aquatic species that live in our water are astounding and some are found nowhere else in the UK. Dive Jersey is a great company that is ideal for beginners or experienced divers.


Spas – If you want to treat yourself to a spa then Irecommend The Club Hotel and Spa, their treatments leave you so relaxed you are practically comatosed. They are fairly pricey but once you have had your treatment you will understand why. The another hotel for a spa treatment is the Royal Yacht at the Weighbridge their facilities are very extensive and the whole pool/spa area is so tranquil and relaxing.

Swimming & Sunbathing – There are several beaches in Jersey that are good for swimming and sunbathing, Havre de Pas is one favorite, it has some small beach concessions and a swimming pool built on the beach that is filled with fresh sea water every time the tide comes up. St Brelades bay is a nicebeach, it is a fairly small beach and can be seen very busy in the summer months. It is good for sunbathing because it is so sheltered from the wind. A lovely beach to visit is Pleamont, the sand is immaculate and there are huge caves carved outfrom the rocks, there is a small cafe also if you need a bite to eat. A local favorite beach is St Ouens; if you decide to try a bit of surfing while you are here this is likely to be the beach you do it on. 

What if it’s Raining?

When you are coming over to sunny Jersey rain is probably the last thing on your mind but we like to be honest with our customers and prepare them for anything come what may. So the last thing you want is to be stuck in a camper van all day especially if you have a young child, that’s why we have prepared a list of activities to do indoors.

Jersey Museum – Our museum has a whole days worth of things to look at, it outlines the history of the island from the Neolithic period all the way to the Second World War. Jersey is a fascinating island historically speaking; it is hard to believe that so many things could happen to such a small piece of land. Visit for more info.

The Maritime Museum – This museum is very different, you get to interact with various displays while you learn Jerseys naval history, this is a fairly small museum and will probably take only 2 – 3 hours to get round. Visit

The War Tunnels – The galleries have become the exhibition spaces, taking visitors from ‘Threatened Island’, through to ‘Daily Life’, ‘Resistance’ and ultimately ‘Liberation’. Much hitherto unpublished research has been used to reveal, as never before, the plight of islanders, occupiers and those forced to the Island to work on a strategic folly – 1km of underground tunnels. In video and sound installations many islanders, including deportees, escapees, housewives and forced labourers, relate their experiences.

The Steam Museum – The museum has a documentation of what life was like in Jersey when we had a steam train. It has a collection of steam driven motors, tonnes of old farming machinery. Also it contains an interesting selection of Classic Cars and Light Commercial Vehicles.  The display is rotated regularly and contains something of interest for almost everyone.

Activities – there are two rainy day activities we would recommend that is bowling and swimming. There is a bowling alley in St Peter, it has an arcade, approximately 10 lanes and is again great for kids. With swimming you have a couple of options, you could go to aqua splash at the waterfront complex in St Helier or les Quennevais sport centre.

The arts – Jersey has the Opera House which is a great thing for a rainy day or an evening, they do beautiful food you could get after you have been to watch a show and they are showing different shows all the time, the genres vary massively. Check their website to see if there is anything on on your dates.

There is also the Jersey Art Centre that normally shows plays but also has art exhibitions on at different points in the year, it is free admission to the Art Centre and any exhibitions are also free, you just need to pay if you are seeing a show. Again check what is on by visiting their link.

Also  Ransoms Garden Centre in St Saviour; there are all different plants and animals to look at. And a small tearoom in an adjacent building with a gift shop, this should keep you entertained