Drive away Awning – Per Hire (check availability)

There are 2 awnings available

1 provides extra space

The other provides extra sleeping for up to 4 people.



Airbed for Awning – Per Hire (check availability)

We have singles and doubles available.




Oz Pig – Out door Stove –

Per Hire (check availability)

Comes with cast iron pots and pans.



"O Grill" - An easy, portable BBQ / Grill, perfect for picnics

Per Hire (check availability)

Comes with portable folding stand and 1 can of O gas.



Bedding per Person, per Hire
 (1 sleeping bag, pillow  and double duvet with covers. Children's sleeping bags also available please specify.)



Outdoor table and chairs (check availability)
( comes with 4 chairs, table cloth with clips or altenatively a smaller 2 person table and chairs.)



Rechargeable LED Lantern – Per Hire