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Our classic VW campers date back to a beautifully restored 1967 Split Screen through to a 2009 Classic Bay Window Danbury. The fleet also includes two 1970’s Bay Window campers which have all been restored, with the exception of the Danbury, by our parent company, Le Riche Automobile Restores (CI) LTD, a leading vehicle restoration company, based here in Jersey .
One thing is for sure, our campers get noticed and you may well get some admiring glances and horn tooting from VW enthusiasts, it happens!

To see just how detailed our restoration work is please visit our restoration journey section.

As an option you can hire a drive away awning to set up on site as an extra enclosed space to use when you set up a base camp, but which can be left standing if you decide to pop into town , to the cinema or out for a meal.

Camper Caravans

The experience with a Classic VW Camper is for some one of nostalgia, awaking fond childhood memories touring Europe as a child, and for others, a cool way to get about and hang out down the beach. Either way the aim of our vans are to enhance your the enjoyment of your holiday and provide you with a fun mode of transport and an alternative dwelling!

Wedding cars

Our splitscreen camper is particularaly popular for weddings where as the Danbury and the Devon are perfect for family holidays, the Westfalia bay seems more popular for a romantic get away.

Each van differs slightly so please ensure the specification of each individual vehicle suits your requirements.

For reference Jersey law requires people who sleep overnight in Campers to stay at designated camp sites. Please refer to the Jersey Tourism web site www.jersey.com for details.

1977 Devon Bay Window - Click here for more information



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